Book released: Stealth. The New War Machine

The face of war has changed. We have entered a global civil war where no place is safe. There is no access to the killing fields, war crimes have become the norm, and the traditional platform for humanitarian relief is outdated. So claims the veteran war surgeon Hans Husum in this new powerful book, building on documentation from the war zones of Iraq.

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Hans Husum with Nouri Sharif and Zaradasht Ahmed.

Stealth. The New War Machine

The Other Press, Kuala Lumpur; 2016

War Surgery – Field manual. Free download

War Surgery – Field manual is now online for online reading as well as free download. Our partner Trauma Care Foundation is behind the book project, and has decided to share every single part of it!

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The rural research school revisited

More than two years after the successful graduation of 16 local health workers at the rural research school, there was time for a new gathering and work-shop in Battambang, Cambodia. Professor Jean McNiff from University of York visited together with Peter McDonnell, Odd Edvardsen and Margit Steinholt. The purpose of the workshop was to hear the participants view now two years after finishing their studies, but it was also to take the step into the world of action research.

Talking to the participants it became obvious that the knowledge obtained by the midwives, medics and doctors during their training from 2011 to 2014, truly had changed their attitude towards their own work and practice. For some the certificate had paved the way for important promotions within the public health system. Even for the people who had to move to different occupations than health, the critical way of thinking still dominated their views.

During the three day workshop in October 2016 Professor McNiff took all of us through the important field of action research. The participants quickly related their practices to the methods and thinking of action research, and the enthusiasm was palpable towards the end! The aim now is to publish some- or all – of the studies done by the local health workers in the years 2012 and 2013. Their work is truly remarkable and deserves attention from both the health sector and also from the teaching communities.

Rural research school Cambodia. Closing seminar in June 2014

The rural research school has the closing seminar in Battambang, Cambodia, June 12th and 13th 2014. We are proud and honored that the Norwegian Ambassador in Thailand will attend the opening of the seminar.

The 16 students will present their research findings in both Khmer and English. See the ful program here.

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Electrician course in Battambang, February 2014

February 10th to 13th 2014 Trauma Care Foundation Cambodia and TMC conducted their first class for maintenance personnel from 7 local hospitals in the Battambang province, Cambodia.

The 22 participants were extremly dedicated students, allthough their backgrounds were very varied; only 3 had electrical training. The rest of the students were nurses, medics and midwives.

For the Norwegian instructors the most surprising  – and shocking – finding was that all the participating hospitals lacked grounding. This was the main reason for all the ruined equipment.

The electricity class included basic CPR to make the personnel able to handle heart arrest after electrical shock.

All participants received a certificate after they had passed the practical test! Well done!

Field report from study on mass casualty incidents, Kurdistan.

As part of the first elective period of medical school at Univeristy of Tromsø, a field study was done in the northern provinces of Iraq and Kurdistan. In cooperation with Tromsø Mine Victim Research Center, Trauma Care Foundation Iraq and director Dr. Mudhafar K. Murad, the tremendous challenges with prehospital emergency response to a mass casualty incidents were studied.

Study of mass casualties

The city of Kirkuk in the northern part of Iraq has in the recent years experienced numerous mass casualty incidents. The prehospital emergency personnel has sadly gained valuable experience. Both ambulance services and hospital personnel meets these challenges on a daily basis. A retrospective, descriptive study was conducted in the purpose of describing and assessing the prehospital emergency response to a specific event in may 2011.

Also while beeing in Kurdistan, Trauma Care Foundation Iraq conducted a trauma training course for junior doctors. In the beginning of april a one week course was conducted focusing on initial assessment and trauma management.

Hands on training

With a “hands on approach” the doctors trained on live animals getting the possibility putting theory into practice. Seeing the tremendous change in knowledge and skills, convinces that this way of training is highly valuable for doctors and health care providers.

To get a thourough insight into the kurdish and iraqi prehospital trauma system TCF Iraq was extremely helpful. Seeing the organisation develop procedures and equipment in emergency rooms, giving first aid courses to preschool teachers and educating emergency room staffs and doctors, is impressive. Also through their network several hours were spend with ambulance personnel and emergency room doctors. To take part in patient treatment and the daily rutines was a great and valuable experience.

TMC gets nice feedback from Tromsø City on Researchers Day

In September every year Norwegian colleges and universities present their research to the public and local communities. The aim is to show that research is important for science to move on, but also to stimulate youngsters to become interested in scientific work.

This year TMC participated for the first time when University of Tromsø had their exhibition September 21st and 22nd. TMC showed instruction films from Cambodia and pictures from our work in lowincome countries. The response from the visitors was very good, and young children were extremely interested in the quite “bloody” videos from live operations! We probably find many future doctors and nurses here!

The pictures show Helle Lejon, Sidsel Karlsen and Silje Johansen doing a great job promoting TMC’s work!

Forskingsdagene 2012
Forskingsdagene 2012