Vietnamese delegation visiting ambulance boat in Sandnessjøen

As a part of looking into how to expand their prehospital care system in Quang Tri Province, representatives from our partner organisation RENEW have been visiting Sandnessjøen and the ambulance boat Eyr Ytterholmen.

RENEW visit on amublance boat Eyr Ytterholmen. From left Toan Quang Dang, Nam Hoang, Thanh Van Tran and Haakon Lorentsen. Photo: Ole Kristian Losvik

Vietnam as Norway has a long coast line, and patients getting injured are often in need of boat to get to the hospital for treatment. As a part of cooperation between TMC and RENEW, we were together visiting Sandnessjøen to see how this is solved on “Helgeland”.

– In our part of Vietnam we have flooding every year. It prevents us from getting out to the patient. We wanted to look into your boat, to have ideas for a model who suits us, says director of Health, Ham Noang.

It was a proud Center leader Margit Steinholt showing the boat. Margit has been working as a doctor in Sandnessjøen for decades, and is very satisfied with the new boat.

– The concept of having ambulance boats are unique, and several people has noticed over service, says Steinholt.

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