War Surgery – Field manual. Free download

War Surgery – Field manual is now online for online reading as well as free download. Our partner Trauma Care Foundation is behind the book project, and has decided to share every single part of it!

This book takes a unique approach to the subject of trauma and war surgery. This ground-breaking work sets a standard reference for care under difficult conditions, with the lack of medical facilities and proper staff. It promotes a concept of forward life support and surgery, which draws on the resources and knowledge of the local community, which improvises with local equipment and materials, and also includes a complete guide to post-operative, high-energy nutrition based on local foodstuffs and food-processing traditions.

Read more about the book – or open it /download it below.

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  1. How could I check and perhaps download your Book: War Surgery Field Manual [2nd Rev. Eds.]? Yours sincerely.

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