The rural research school revisited

More than two years after the successful graduation of 16 local health workers at the rural research school, there was time for a new gathering and work-shop in Battambang, Cambodia. Professor Jean McNiff from University of York visited together with Peter McDonnell, Odd Edvardsen and Margit Steinholt. The purpose of the workshop was to hear the participants view now two years after finishing their studies, but it was also to take the step into the world of action research.

Talking to the participants it became obvious that the knowledge obtained by the midwives, medics and doctors during their training from 2011 to 2014, truly had changed their attitude towards their own work and practice. For some the certificate had paved the way for important promotions within the public health system. Even for the people who had to move to different occupations than health, the critical way of thinking still dominated their views.

During the three day workshop in October 2016 Professor McNiff took all of us through the important field of action research. The participants quickly related their practices to the methods and thinking of action research, and the enthusiasm was palpable towards the end! The aim now is to publish some- or all – of the studies done by the local health workers in the years 2012 and 2013. Their work is truly remarkable and deserves attention from both the health sector and also from the teaching communities.

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