Partner organisations

Trauma Care Foundation (TCF) is a humanitarian foundation developing and producing medical teaching aids and A-V documentaries for oppressed communities in the South. We are cooperating with:


Logistic support

  • University Hospital North Norway
  • Suleimaniah University Hospital,
  • The Ministry of Health, Northern Iraq
  • Directors of Health, Kirkuk and Baquba
  • Cambodian Ministry of Health
  • The National Malaria Centre and WHO, Phnom Penh
  • National Center for Maternal and Child Health, Phnom Penh
  • Provincial Health Department, Battambang, Cambodia
  • Battambang Central Blood Bank, Cambodia
  • Center for Preventive Medicine, Quang Tri, Vietnam
  • The Department of Health and The Peoples’ Committee in Quang Tri, Vietnam
  • Al Rasoul Hospital, Beirut
  • Directorate General for Civil Defense, Lebanon
  • Vellore Medical School, India.

Advisors in research and trauma care 

  • Prof. Stig Larsen, EPI Center, NVH Oslo (research methodology and statistics)
  • Prof. Eystein Skjerve, EPI Center, NVH Oslo (research methodology and epidemiology)
  • Prof. Derek Summerfield, London School of Psychiatry (qualitative methods, action research)
  • Prof. Knut Wester, Haukeland University Hospital, Norway (head trauma)
  • Prof. Tore Gutteberg, University Hospital Northern Norway (microbiology)
  • Prof. Benedicte Ingstad, Oslo University (medical anthropology, qualitative methods)
  • Prof. Staffan Bergström, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm (maternal care, epidemiology)
  • Dr. Pillgram-Larsen, Ullevaal University Hospital, Oslo (trauma surgery)
  • Dr. Swee Chai Ang, Royal London Hospital (trauma surgery, teaching)
  • Dr. Reiner Winkel, Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main (trauma surgery)
  • Prof. Fernando Vaz, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique (teaching)
  • Prof. Alvarez Cambras, Frank Pais International Trauma Center, Cuba (orthopedic trauma).
  • Project partners
  • Catholic Relief Service, Laos.
  • Islamic Health Association Lebanon
  • All-Nepali Public Health Workers Association
  • Health Team for Nepal, Norway