Research protocols

Most mistakes and flaws in scientific studies are due to inadequate planning.

The TMC protocol templates can be fitted to any study design, and help you reflect properly on study aims, design, sample size, data procession, and analysis. Also you are more likely to acquire funding for research programs with streamlined protocols.

Ethical requirements

Studies and interventions should not be conducted without formal ethical approval according to standards set by the committee for research ethics in the study country. There are countries in the South where formal bodies for research ethics are still not established. In that case the Ministry of Health/Social Affairs should be addressed for ethical approval. The general principles of medical research ethics set by the Helsinki Declaration in 1964 are still valid:

Proper ethics include clear guidelines for scientific writing and publication. The international standard is detailed in the Vancouver Convention by the International Committee of Medical Editors:

 Still, ethical guidelines for studies of relations of power, oppression, and war may be controversial.


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