Revised Trauma Score (RTS)

The Revised Trauma Score (RTS) is a tool for on-site triage. Its superior efficiency is due to both speed and objectivity. It is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment for medical professionals of any field. The Revised Trauma Score is a physiological scoring system with high inter-rater reliability and demonstrated accuracy in predicting death. It is scored from the first set of data obtained on the patient, and consists of Glasgow Coma Scale, Systolic Blood Pressure and Respiratory Rate.

Glasgow Coma Scale Systolic Blood Pressure Respiratory Rate Coded Value
(GCS) (SBP) (RR)
13-15 >89 10-29 4
9-12 76-89 >29 3
6-8 50-75 6-9 2
4-5 1-49 1-5 1
3 0 0 0


Then the coded values are weighted often using standard vectors as follows: RTS = 0.9368 GCS + 0.7326 SBP + 0.2908 RR

Tromsø Mine Victim Resource Center and Trauma Care Foundation has in most interventions used a modification of this system. The modified RTS scoring system has a simplification of consciousness rating, and also modified cut off values for Respiratory rate.

Consciousness Systolic Blood Pressure Respiratory Rate Coded Value
(Mental) (SBP) (RR)
Normal >89 10-24 4
Confused 76-89 25-35 3
Reaction to sound 50-75 >35 2
Reaction to pain 1-49 <10 1
No response 0 0 0




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